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Fine art Nude photography by Award winning fashion and fine art photographer Shaun Alexander Artistic Black and white nude photography has always been very fascinating to me, eversince I became interested in Fine art Photography at a very young age I always admired the works of artits such as,Michelangelo and Helmut Newton, David Hurrel, Salvador Dali, etc...

As a trained fine artist, I was always drawn to the beauty of human body and most of paintings and photographs demonstrate my passion for beauty and perfection. Fine art Nude photography by Award winning fashion and fine art photographer Shaun Alexander

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Landscape photography by Shaun Alexander

Landscapes , seascapes, cityscapes, nature photography are also one of those fascinating aspect of fine art photography that is not too far from fashion or beauty photography, with an exception that God already had done most of the work, and all we have to do is to find those magical moments and places to capture his magical creations. I am sure most of you landscape photographers know what I am talking about, sitting anxiously at the edge of a cliff in some remote areas, before dawn anxiously anticipating the velvety sunlight turning all the blue and purple hues to yellow and gold perfect enough to capture those perfect highlights and shadows perfectly balanced by all the colors of the rainbow all at once in one shot, capturing the moment and time for eternity and for the rest of the world to see and appreciate. Cause no so many people are privileged or have the time or the talent to do what some amazing landscape photographers do, Perhaps that's why Landscape photography is one of the most lucrative type of photography after fashion photography.landscape photographers and fashion photographers in Los Angeles and around the world they have one thing in common and that is their eye for beauty and perfection, and Shaun Alexander's landscape photography is as magical and as beautiful as his fashion photography