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Shaun Alexander, Los Angeles Campaign photographer recognized for his highly stylish billboard campaigns, Creating countless campaigns for some of the most famous clothing brands, make up brands and fashion and beauty industry.

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Campaign photographers are responsible to deliver a unique message and a vision to the viewers, Being able to capture millions of people only at a glance takes years of knowledge and expertise. Shaun's extensive work as a fashion photographer and commercial photographer combined with broad knowledge of the consumerism, make him rare amongst the top professional campaign photographers.

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His extensive works and studies in human behavior and consumer's psychology, makes Shaun an expert in Billboard photography. Creating images that can communicate a direct message and penetrate the targeted audience mind embedding those images timeless yet beautiful images of your product in their mind for a very long time Beauty campaigns, fashion campaigns, advertising campaign and celebrity campaigns are all done by Campaign photographers like Shaun, but there are a few billboards and campaigns that are truly remarkable in their style and message, and those types of campaigns were created by unique and professional photographers like Shaun Alexander Where he teaches photography and holds the best Fashion workshops in Los Angeles

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