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Album cover Photographer Shaun Alexander discovered music photography when he was asked by a famous celebrity recording artist to shoot series of fashion and beauty portraits which later on turned to successful CD covers and magazines covers.

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Shooting a Band, or musicians is no different than shooting a magazine layout, but the complexity of shooting a band is always about lighting, and since Shaun is a master of lighting as a fashion , editorial photographer, shooting bands and musicians is almost a second nature to him. Shaun has photographed bands such as Rolling Stones, Madonna, Rush, U2, Genesis, Michael Jackson, Lenny Cravitz, and many more.As a musician celebrity photographer and a fashion photographer.

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Shaun is known for his iconic photography on the stage, behind the scene, or in Studio. He can capture the essence of a musician or a band by finding the right moment and capturing what is most important in almost any situation. Shaun's decades of experience enables him to shoot with confident and guarantee results beyond anyone's expectations.

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Musician photographer Shaun Alexander also worked with Drew Tretick, Ivan Gancedo, Montana Shane, Googoosh, Montana Shane, Aref Arefkia, Timati and more...

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